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08.02.2021 06:10

Gave up on WandaVision. We tried to watch it three times? I might get back to it at some later point.

I have no problem with watching at least a handfull of shows I don’t like that much, before I give up on it. But my better half usually isn’t into that; So we gave up after 1.5 episode.

It was just very weird.


08.02.2021 05:50

Not any new stuff on my wiki this week. But I’ve fixed a bunch of issues with the generation, for example fixing the backlinks.


05.02.2021 07:40

There should be a tax on sending e-mail to avoid people using it as a fucking feed.


05.02.2021 06:14


04.02.2021 19:32

How to hire senior developers: Give them more autonomy

Your source code is worthless

I have said this for years, and I think it was one of the first thing I really understood about software when I started doing it for money. Code is not just worthless, it will most likely become a maintainance headache in the future.


04.02.2021 18:48

Since starting to get serious about getting into shape in May last year, I has as of today lost 20 KG.


01.02.2021 21:29

Ea is one today 🥳


31.01.2021 07:34

  • Added a bunch of new authors, books, shows and movies
  • Added a section about Inks in Stationary
  • Added a section for reviews of apps. Plus a bunch of apps
  • Added some tags for platforms, services, terminal, automation
  • Added a social media section
  • Updated photos homescreen
  • Wrote about: touchpad, Using Safari again, My rss setup in 2021, reviewed my Plantronics earbuds, NetNewsWire, MacBook 16 inch, M1 macs, 1Password Advanced Search, Better Touch Tool
  • Updated the nova note, themes note, setapps note,
  • Wrote about taking a break from emacs and updated the Text Editors note.
  • Added note on how large a packet of dry yeast is
  • Also wrote about pointers and how to pass a golang array by ref


29.01.2021 06:48


26.01.2021 10:36

I’ve been kind of unhappy with my OmniFocus setup for a while now, and the notifications on tasks have been unreliable for a long time. So I decided to scrap it all and do something else. Jack wrote this and I decided to take an hour and do it.

I have migrated over to things, and restructured things from a lot of nested folders and projects to just a few projects and using Things’s Headline feature instead.

Very happy about the change.