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2022-07-20 05:18

I should really start posting more


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2022-07-13 19:13

I love how weird and different The Umbrella Academy is


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2022-06-20 06:00

Whoever designs these locking mechanisms to secure your kid in a stroller or car seat: have any of you ever tried to use them on a live child?!


2022-06-17 20:12

Seems like something got messed up when I shared the blog post I wrote about my new Apple Watch Series 7


2022-06-17 18:00

I bet that whoever at P&G that decided it was “fun” to have different designs on the same kind of diapers don’t have any children. My two year old refuse to wear some of the designs 🤣

Apple Watch Series 7

2022-06-17 11:29

My daughter smashed the screen of my series 4 Apple Watch last weekend. For a moment I thought about if I needed another one and decided to order a new one; the timers on it is awesome while cooking and it has a lot of features that are crucial to my weight loss and workout routine.

I decided to get a Series 7, and I went with the smaller model this time. The size of this one feels a lot better than when I had the other one. The battery life have kind of been not that great, so I have tried to turn off the “always on” feature.

Other than that it feels like the same of what I had just with a lot of stuff working a little bit faster and better. Like the exercise detection etc.

Going to write a proper review once I’ve used it for a while.