2022-11-25 17:42

After a long and tiresome and expensive process I have finally an ADHD diagnosis, and will be starting treatment this weekend.

I think I first started to consider if I have ADHD or ADD back in 2011, and since then I have slowly gotten to the point where I wanted treatment. Unfortuanatly it wasn’t an easy process to get it, and I had to go outside the Norwegian Public Health system and pay for it myself from a private clinic and a private psychiatrist.

The good thing is that it was really expensive. The good thing is that it have gone way faster than it probably would have if I went through the public system.

New coffee scale

2022-11-17 06:14

I got a new coffee scale. Long story short: I’ve been using a cheap scale made for cooking for years. Probably got it in 2019. It’s not great, but fine for what it is made for. Brewing coffee or anything where you want a fast response time is not it’s strong point. So I finally decieded to get a new one.

There was two things I wanted from a scale:

  • As already mentioned: fast response time
  • And a easy to use timer

After looking at option all over the price scale I ended up going for the Felicita Arc. And I like it a lot this far. It responds really fast, is really easy to use, once you get the basics down. And it has multiple timer modes.

The manual mode is great for when I use the Chemex and pour water, then start the timer and wait. While the pour based timer is awesome when I make Aeropress and want it to start the moment water hits. Like it a lot.

The only thing I would like to change about it is for it to be a little bit bigger. Other than that perfect.

Pour over gear

2022-11-17 06:00

My go to pour over for years upon years, when I don’t use my Mocca Master have been to use a V60. I’ve had multiple models over the years. Currently I have the smallest version in plastic. It’s great, and is still what I go for when I want to make a single smaller mug of coffee.

But earlier this year I finally decided to try out a Chemex, and I got the 3 cup version. I really liked the coffee it makes and it have become the method I use 9/10 times these days. But as I found myself more and more often wanting to make a full 1 litre pot of coffee. Either because I have visitors or if I’m working from home or with my daughter and just want to make coffee once and not every 2-3 hours I finally pulled the plug and bought the 8 Cup version, instead of doing 2-3 rounds of the 3 cup.

It’s great, and the filters in the larger models are also much easier to deal with.

The way I usually brew these days is the following:

  • V60: for when I brew a single smaller mug
  • Small Chemex if I’m just going to fill my travel mug
  • Large Chemex if I’m filling my large coffee pot

I usually use the 8 cup as if it was a 6 cup model, but I bought it because I’d like to have the option of using it to brew like 3x what the small one can handle if needed.

Changes to socials

2022-11-02 20:30

For a long time I’ve had my own Mastodon instance at https://dog.estate, something I’ve considered to shut down a while now, largely because of expensive it is to have it running relative to how many users I have on it. But also because I’d like to be in a place where the Home feed is a cool place to find interesting posts and new follows.

This process have taken me back and forward a few times over the last few months. At first I tired out https://social.lol, but the wibe there wasn’t really for me. Then I was back at my own instance. Trying out a few different alternatives to the current hosting to see if I can do it in a less expensive way. Finally landing on https://tenforward.social which seems to be a really good fit for me.

So on to the changes:

  • I’ll be shutting down https://dog.estate soon
  • I’ll continue to share blog posts to micro.blog, twitter and mastodon
  • But toots” or posts without titles will only be posted to mastodon moving forward.


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Tired to listen to Pink Floyd for the first time in 15 years. It’s as insufferable terrible as I remember

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