Generative “AI”

2024-06-04 00:00

I’m still refusing to call this shit AI, and will in a lot of situations annoy and or confuse people by referring to it as ML.


Here are what I see in it after a few years since using the GitHub CoPilot Preview and later ChatGPT.

  • The CoPilot autocomplete can be useful, while complete and utter garbage other times. It all depends on the codebase.
  • The CoPilot Chat is mostly the same. Sometimes it is helpful, but anything complex it will suggest a good solution if you ignore the code and focus on what it tells you. For simpler stuff the code is kind of fine.
  • But as someone who are a lot about code, and try to design systems when I code, to make them easy to extend, what I get from CoPilot is at best a suggestion.
  • ChatGPT on the other hand can be useful for some stuff.
  • I don’t use any generative AI for something I can’t verify myself
  • But.
  • I like using it when I get some Slack message or e-mail at work that is either terribly written or someone got creative and tried to look cool to remove all the crap and redundancies to figure out what the fuck they are trying to tell me.
  • Other times I use it to go the other way to make things more like they expect in work e-mails and resume stuff etc.

Not seeing much intelligence though. Just fancy text generation.

Make shortcuts more responsive?

2024-05-28 00:00

One thing about the experience of using the current Shortcuts apps on any platform that involve large amounts of data leaves a lot to be desired.

I’d love for it in general to have any support for async / paralell processing of data, but I don’t expect to see that anytime soon.

However, what I really really want is for it to be able to load a shit load of data and just take forever, but not being unresponsive or beach balling.

I’d also love for a shortcut to be marked as done when it actually is done, and not when it is done and also have cleaned up all the resources etc it used. Because often when I do something like loading a bunch of entries from something add it them to a draft it will typically run for good while after it stops updating the Draft doing what I assume is to close open resources, GC memory etc.

Price increases?

2024-05-15 00:00

All prices go up, people get higher salaries, so the company have to charge more for their services and or products, and slowly so does everyone else.

I see some increase them a little each year. I have no problem with that. It makes sense. What I don’t like is when they suddenly do a big jump, and justify it by not having done so for many years.

Seems like a dumb way of doing business. For both themselves (lost revenue) and their customers (surprises).

Stop doing this dumb crap.

E-mail log-in flows

2024-05-13 00:00

There isn’t really much a security issue with this way of logging into things. At least not for logging into anything where you can reset your password if you have access to someones e-mail.

A bunch of places started doing this because of how a lot of users just reset their password every time they had to sign in instead of keeping track of their password.

I fucking hate this sign in flow for a number of reasons.

The main one is that it makes it harder for me to use my password manager as a database of all the places I have an account. I also hate single sign on either as in corporate Azure Active Directory / Entra ID style or as in Use

Easy to walk in, hard to stay.

2024-05-07 00:00

One of my life strategies is that I try to have an open mind, with high standards.

Easy to walk in the door, but hard to stay, if we’re not the same kind of people.

Makes it easy to meet a lot of people that are like me, and easy to learn who aren’t good for me.

Stealing the wrong things

2024-04-30 00:00

When I see the kind of ideas other companies steal from Apple I often think: really?!

There is one that I wish everyone would start stealing. It have been something that I have hoped for since like forever.

The ports on an Apple display is not hidden or put under a chin or anything like that. It is put somewhere easy to find where you stick them in instead of up, like they often are on TVs etc.

So much easier to deal with, especially if you do it a lot because of free seating etc in offices. But Apple are one of very few doing it. Or I think the LG Apple” displays have it too.

My hack for making it less terrible to insert USB plugs etc in displays when you have to stick them up into a chin is to use the iPhone camera to see where the holes are as I try to stick it in.

Shortcuts because Things recurring tasks sucks

2024-04-24 00:00

One of my tricks for using task managers in general, but in particular Things is to generate them with automations and templates instead of recurring tasks.

I started doing it with Things, mainly because their recurring tasks is beyond stupid.

But in general I think it is a better way of doing it for most things, because it isn’t relying on you completing something before the next one is added.

My system is that sometime in the last half of a week I generate new projects for things that will expire in the next week. Usually Weekly, Daily and Biweekly things; sometimes it includes Monthly and Yearly stuff; and there are also some things that are more on a less fixed schedule.

Amusing how hard it can be to import content

2024-04-22 00:00

I get amused every time I see an app that let me export data, but have no way of (or or both) clearing all the data in it and importing the mentioned export.

Others have ways of doing that leave me in a place where I sit there and think: has anyone actually tried to use this with a lot of data?!

I really dislike Python

2024-04-17 00:00

I did a consulting gig with Python over the last six months.

It used to be my language in the start of my career. But at this point whenever I sit down and use it and just think: I’m so past this way of coding.

I can’t stand it.

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