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24.12.2020 10:41


23.12.2020 08:07

Made some doughnuts

22.12.2020 07:01

We made some doughnuts last night.

More blogging?

21.12.2020 06:05

My main focus of late have been my wiki and mastodon over the last year or so.

But as 2020 are concluding I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to change next year. One of them is that I’ll start blogging more again.

I also made some traditional Norwegian christmas stuff for the first time yesterday:

Might also start participating the micro.blog community again. Haven’t made up my mind on that.


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11.12.2020 20:24


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13.11.2020 21:12


08.11.2020 09:08

Changes on my wiki this week:

  • Better styling for code blocks
  • Replaed the Switch Games list with a folder and induvidual notes
  • Replaed the Comics list with a folder and induvidual notes
  • Replaed the Podcasts list with a folder and induvidual notes
  • Wrote about how to keep emacs 27 from refreshing package lists on every start
  • Wrote about a new project of mine called worklog
  • Wrote about Dropbox, the new MacBook Pro keyboards and the touch bar