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06.11.2020 21:34


01.11.2020 19:14

Just pushed an update to my wiki. I have written a lot of new stuff, and updated most notes in some way. And I have also fixed the between notes links. Will probably start moving to a proper changelog next week.


31.10.2020 09:14


25.10.2020 18:55

I brought my wiki back this week. It kind of went offline when I went from roam to org-roam. But this week I found some time to write the stuff needed to generate it.

It is generated with this script. It takes all my org-roam notes that doesn’t contain “#+private: true” and converts them to HTML with pandoc. And then this go program makes the index page.

None of it is fast, but it works. The plan is to do a weekly update.


23.10.2020 17:34

Changing jobs

16.10.2020 19:52

I have my last day as a developer for Sbanken on Monday, and I’ll have 2ish of vacation, before I join Knowit Experience as a Senior Developer in the start of November.

I’m really excited about this for many reasons. Two of them are:

  • I’ll be using a Mac at work again. After two years of Windows, I can say that everything I hated about it in 2004, is still more or less the same
  • And I’ll be working from the city center. I might start doing some street photography again.

There are of course many much more serious reasons for why I decided to change jobs and decided to join Knowit. But the two above is very important to be, no matter how silly it may look.


16.10.2020 19:39

Blogging again?

10.10.2020 19:58

I have updated the design today. Stole some stuff from Eli and made it my own.

My wiki is down at the moment. Or not down, but there isn’t a lot there. The reason is that I had that thing, and then I migrated it to https://roamresearch.com/ and then that became https://orgroam.com/ and I have no working way to publish that in a good way. So my wiki is just for me at the moment.

There are some changes to org-roam in the upcoming version that might make it easier to manage.

So I might post more here. Until then.

Stole some of the awesome colours from Eli.


10.10.2020 09:30


02.10.2020 19:59