Calendar nesting?

2024-07-01 00:00

When I look at the regular Calendar apps I have looked at (Apple, Calendars 5, Fantastical, BustCal, plus a bunch of others I don’t remember) support having a nested structure around calendars. Some supports sets. But that isn’t quite what I would like.

So, I use calendars for different purposes. Some contains actual events (no all-day entries), while others are more for planning purposes, so they only have all day entries in them.

All day entries meaning no start or end time just start and end dates.

Plus a few other similar things. Where my naming would be much less weird” if I could have a folder called Planning with al the planning calendars in them and one called Events with all the regular ones n them.

Instead I’m stuck with using : as a divider in the name as a means of faking it.

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