Generative “AI”

2024-06-04 00:00

I’m still refusing to call this shit AI, and will in a lot of situations annoy and or confuse people by referring to it as ML.


Here are what I see in it after a few years since using the GitHub CoPilot Preview and later ChatGPT.

  • The CoPilot autocomplete can be useful, while complete and utter garbage other times. It all depends on the codebase.
  • The CoPilot Chat is mostly the same. Sometimes it is helpful, but anything complex it will suggest a good solution if you ignore the code and focus on what it tells you. For simpler stuff the code is kind of fine.
  • But as someone who are a lot about code, and try to design systems when I code, to make them easy to extend, what I get from CoPilot is at best a suggestion.
  • ChatGPT on the other hand can be useful for some stuff.
  • I don’t use any generative AI for something I can’t verify myself
  • But.
  • I like using it when I get some Slack message or e-mail at work that is either terribly written or someone got creative and tried to look cool to remove all the crap and redundancies to figure out what the fuck they are trying to tell me.
  • Other times I use it to go the other way to make things more like they expect in work e-mails and resume stuff etc.

Not seeing much intelligence though. Just fancy text generation.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes