Easy to walk in, hard to stay.

2024-05-07 00:00

One of my life strategies is that I try to have an open mind, with high standards.

Easy to walk in the door, but hard to stay, if we’re not the same kind of people.

Makes it easy to meet a lot of people that are like me, and easy to learn who aren’t good for me.

Stealing the wrong things

2024-04-30 00:00

When I see the kind of ideas other companies steal from Apple I often think: really?!

There is one that I wish everyone would start stealing. It have been something that I have hoped for since like forever.

The ports on an Apple display is not hidden or put under a chin or anything like that. It is put somewhere easy to find where you stick them in instead of up, like they often are on TVs etc.

So much easier to deal with, especially if you do it a lot because of free seating etc in offices. But Apple are one of very few doing it. Or I think the LG Apple” displays have it too.

My hack for making it less terrible to insert USB plugs etc in displays when you have to stick them up into a chin is to use the iPhone camera to see where the holes are as I try to stick it in.

Shortcuts because Things recurring tasks sucks

2024-04-24 00:00

One of my tricks for using task managers in general, but in particular Things is to generate them with automations and templates instead of recurring tasks.

I started doing it with Things, mainly because their recurring tasks is beyond stupid.

But in general I think it is a better way of doing it for most things, because it isn’t relying on you completing something before the next one is added.

My system is that sometime in the last half of a week I generate new projects for things that will expire in the next week. Usually Weekly, Daily and Biweekly things; sometimes it includes Monthly and Yearly stuff; and there are also some things that are more on a less fixed schedule.

Amusing how hard it can be to import content

2024-04-22 00:00

I get amused every time I see an app that let me export data, but have no way of (or or both) clearing all the data in it and importing the mentioned export.

Others have ways of doing that leave me in a place where I sit there and think: has anyone actually tried to use this with a lot of data?!

I really dislike Python

2024-04-17 00:00

I did a consulting gig with Python over the last six months.

It used to be my language in the start of my career. But at this point whenever I sit down and use it and just think: I’m so past this way of coding.

I can’t stand it.

When neurotypicals complain

2024-04-15 00:00

There are in particular two things I hear neurotypical people complain about that makes me laugh so hard and think: you’d really love having ADHD.

  • That it is so terrible sitting in an open office with all of these sounds, people walking around you making it hard to focus.
  • That it is so annoying to code with GitHub CoPilot on because it start suggesting things before you’re done thinking / saying / writing out what you’re thinking. Like it is speaking in the middle of what you’re saying.

Both of them makes me think the same thing: that is how my brain is most of the time.

Things Structure

2024-04-10 00:00

One of the things I enjoy about Things is the structure.

I find that it makes sense, even though it is kind of rigid.

You have Todos, Checklists, Tags, Projects, Areas and Headings

  • All Areas are at the root level
  • Projects are either at the root level or inside an Area
  • Todos are either in the Inbox (or hidden from it if is assigned a Start Date/Defer Date), in an Area or a Project
  • Headings area are a way to split projects into different sections
  • Tasks can have a checklist, which is like sub-tasks, but only one level
  • Areas, Projects, and Todos can have tags

Their Date” or Start Dates or Defer Dates are a bit weird though. You can assign it to Projects and Tasks, but they are not inherited. Something that gives you a bit control of your views.

There are two things I wish was different about them

  • That you could assign things to Night” on a given date, and not just the current one.
  • That they didn’t just stay at Today” forever when you reach their date.
  • But I love that they have a built in state for Someday”

I also wish there was a way to have different moves of viewing the side bar” or Home Screen” (on iPhone). The one that lists all your projects etc.

  • Let me hide Areas where everything is in the future
  • Toggle between the current way it is and the different Date” lists: Today, Tomorrow, Someday, Anytime.

More flexibility in Things?

2024-04-08 00:00

In the Things app, you have a sidebar on macOS and iPadOS; or the start screen on iOS (why the fuck isn’t that one renamed back to iPhoneOS?).

You have a clean section of fixed items, and then all your areas, projects etc.

There are a bunch of things not available in it. Like for example Tomorrow something one can show by searching for it. Plus there are a lot of more complex things one can search for especially if you do it with a Shortcuts.

I don’t really want a full on OmniFocus perspective thing here. But I would really like to be able add things like that to the side bar. So I don’t have to run a shortcut to do it.

Things or OmniFocus?

2024-04-03 00:00

I always find myself going between Things and OmniFocus.

In general I prefer Things, but there are things about OmniFocus that is way better.

Like with Things you don’t have much choice in terms of structure of your data or how things looks. But I do think it in general is a much better designed app. And their Shortcut automation story is far better.

OmniFocus on the other hand, let you nest folders however you want, and same with tasks. And while their Shortcut integration is kind of meh, their built in Taskpaper support and native scripting stuff is beyond powerful.

At the moment I’m using Things, and I’m happy with it.

What I see is that I go against OmniFocus when shit gets complicated. But when I decide to move back to things I do a much better job of simplifying those complexities.

Like instead of deep task and folder structures I make small flatter projects that kind of are intended to be done in a series instead.

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