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2022-06-14 06:08

As a white cis man I consider it a win when I shut up and leave the space for someone else


2022-06-11 15:03

When your 2.5 year old tell you to sit the fuck down and not bother her 😂


2022-06-07 05:46

Are you fucking me?! There is a new MacBook Pro with that damn Touch Bar?!

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2022-06-04 16:17



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2022-06-01 19:45

I really dislike the current trend of most places that sell anything physical to ask you review every single thing you bought from them a few weeks later

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2022-05-31 20:12




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Crypto crap


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2022-05-31 20:06

I have been postponing this for way too long already.

A while back I ended my automatic like posting system, because it just had become this anything barley interesting are added to the queue so that I have 10 posts to post each day. But it also kind of broke a lot. Something I didn’t notice because I was mostly just not following it that closely.

The plan now is that I will take all the likes I accumulate. Take the interesting ones, group them and post ~5 groups of ~10 links once in a while; will most likely be more like 50 links that a strict 5x10 links.

It will most likely be a weekly thing.


2022-05-30 19:37

Imagine if people got a notification every time I was thinking: what a fucking moron


2022-05-26 17:23

Having a 2 year old daughter means I’m no longer allowed to decide where I sit on my own couch