It is about two ish years since I started to make my own pizza from scratch, and I have been thinking about writing this page with some tips and experiences.

Getting Started

  • Don’t buy anything gear
  • Find a plain not fancy easy to make recipe for dough and sauce
  • Go for a thicker crust in the beginning because it is easier
  • Experiment with both what you put on the pizza and amounts
  • I did this every Friday for almost year before I moved past this point

When you are ready

  • Start reading about different styles of pizza and try to make different styles to figure out what you like
  • I like most of them, but I mostly make something similar to New York Style
  • Study classic pizza toppings for the different styles
  • If you want to make thin crust pizza: consider getting a pizza stone / steel
  • Try different dough and sauce recipes & start to modify the sauce to fit your taste
  • Some like more spices in it, others just want tomatoes
  • Some like it raw, others cook it.
  • Some like it very liquid like, others prefer to reduce it to more like a paste
  • Some pre-cook it with just the sauce and then add the rest of the toppings

General tips

  • Keep doing it
  • Everything gets better
  • Just look for where things could improve
  • And be willing to try different things toppings, amounts etc
  • When you cook a thin crust pizza I find it a lot easier to handle if you place it on a sheet of baking paper for the first couple of minutes and then remove it. Instead of trying to get the dough off the pizza shovel.
  • Ignore the New York / Italian pizza snobs, but study their style of pizza.

Some of my preferences

  • Don’t put too much cheese on it
  • More sauce than you think you need
  • Don’t put too many different toppings
  • Don’t put too much toppings
  • The longer the dough stays in the fridge the better
  • Over cooked is better than under cooked

It took me like a year and a half before my pizza got to a point where I liked it better than the stuff from a pizzeria.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes