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Intentions for 2021

14.01.2021 10:00

  • Continue loosing weight
  • Don’t contribute to things that make things worse
  • Be the best father and boyfriend I can
  • Get better a cooking
  • Try to be happy

A look back at 2020

14.01.2021 10:00

This is a short summary of what went down in 2020

  • We had a daughter in February
  • Started to hang out at Mastodon and enjoys it a lot
  • COVID hit
  • Spend a lot of time getting better at Golang
  • Got really mad at my old jobs CEO
  • Found a new job really fast
  • Had to say goodbye to my dog and best friend Luna
  • Offically cut contact with my father.
  • Lost 17KG, plan to loose at least another 30KG this year
  • Started to learn how to cook
  • Completed a couch to 5k programme
  • Built a great personal wiki into something even cooler
  • Started the process of being honest with myself about my life and how I feel about it
  • Made a lot of progress on having a better relatioship to food
  • Got into Star Trek; it’s way better than Star War.


14.01.2021 09:35

I’ve added a new page, or “new”. I used to have it, then I moved it to my wiki and now it is back here. It lists up a lot of the stuff I use: using.


12.01.2021 21:03

Made a giant ass pot of soup.


09.01.2021 19:46

When people talk about all their fancy e-mail crap. I just. Whatever. I don’t recieve a lot of e-mails I respond to. Neither at work or at home. And most of my e-mail work at either place is changing settings various places to get less of it. Also meeting invitations at work.

Wiki updates

09.01.2021 08:43

Changes to my wiki over the last week or so

  • Some minor cleanup in the template
  • Fixed some typos
  • Some link changes
  • New notes:
    • Big O Notation
    • New note: Binary Search
    • New note on C# Extension functions
    • Anonymous Golang Structs
    • Running MSSQL In docker
    • Stacks vs Queues
    • Why I hate reflection
    • New Auhtors for books I have read
    • Book: Common guide to algorithms
    • Book: Devops handbook
    • Book: Doors of perception
    • Book: Hunger Games
    • Book: Learning Perl
    • Book: Mastering Regular Expressions
    • Book: Girl with the lower back tattoo
    • Movie: Grinch - the 2018 version
    • Movie: Holidate
    • Movie: Star Trek and Beyond
    • Movie: Wonder Woman 1984
    • Show: OG Star Trek


08.01.2021 22:09


08.01.2021 13:35


08.01.2021 09:27

Gardients of the Galaxy


08.01.2021 05:37

I don’t get the whole WhatsApp thing. Either it isn’t that big around here, or it’s just that I’m not in contact with that many people. Might be both.

I just use Messsages and texting for most of it.

There are a lot of people I have no or a lot less contact with after I left Facebook, but here is thing, nobody said it would be easy or without sacrifice. It feels great to not use Facebook or any of the other properties it owns. Like WhatsApp or Instagram.