Things or OmniFocus?

2024-04-03 00:00

I always find myself going between Things and OmniFocus.

In general I prefer Things, but there are things about OmniFocus that is way better.

Like with Things you don’t have much choice in terms of structure of your data or how things looks. But I do think it in general is a much better designed app. And their Shortcut automation story is far better.

OmniFocus on the other hand, let you nest folders however you want, and same with tasks. And while their Shortcut integration is kind of meh, their built in Taskpaper support and native scripting stuff is beyond powerful.

At the moment I’m using Things, and I’m happy with it.

What I see is that I go against OmniFocus when shit gets complicated. But when I decide to move back to things I do a much better job of simplifying those complexities.

Like instead of deep task and folder structures I make small flatter projects that kind of are intended to be done in a series instead.

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