Things Structure

2024-04-10 00:00

One of the things I enjoy about Things is the structure.

I find that it makes sense, even though it is kind of rigid.

You have Todos, Checklists, Tags, Projects, Areas and Headings

  • All Areas are at the root level
  • Projects are either at the root level or inside an Area
  • Todos are either in the Inbox (or hidden from it if is assigned a Start Date/Defer Date), in an Area or a Project
  • Headings area are a way to split projects into different sections
  • Tasks can have a checklist, which is like sub-tasks, but only one level
  • Areas, Projects, and Todos can have tags

Their Date” or Start Dates or Defer Dates are a bit weird though. You can assign it to Projects and Tasks, but they are not inherited. Something that gives you a bit control of your views.

There are two things I wish was different about them

  • That you could assign things to Night” on a given date, and not just the current one.
  • That they didn’t just stay at Today” forever when you reach their date.
  • But I love that they have a built in state for Someday”

I also wish there was a way to have different moves of viewing the side bar” or Home Screen” (on iPhone). The one that lists all your projects etc.

  • Let me hide Areas where everything is in the future
  • Toggle between the current way it is and the different Date” lists: Today, Tomorrow, Someday, Anytime.

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