Some thoughts on weight loss after 4 years

2024-03-28 00:00

When we get to May I’ve been actively working on my weight and general fitness for 4 years. From the highest to lowest I’ve lost around 40kg. And my general fitness and health can’t really be compared to back then.

Here are some thoughts I have about it and my experience doing it

  • There is a lot of value to logging calories even without using it to limit intake. You get a much greater insight into the relation how many calories various food and amounts actually are
  • The only way to improve things in the long term is to change habits etc.
  • It takes time.
  • You can’t and won’t do it perfect every or even most days.
  • Doing something is always better than none
  • Start with goals and routines you can keep up and tighten as you move on
  • Evaluate and change as you go to identify things that don’t work for you.
  • Small meals is great if you get hangry
  • Fasting is great if you prefer bigger to smaller meals or if always snacking is a problem

Some of my conclusions on all of this is that loosing weight and getting fitter requires you to be willing to not do the things that do the opposite. I could have been a lot thinner and fitter if I was willing to do some diet and habit changes that I’m not willing to do.

I’ve landed at going to the gym almost every day, and intermittent fasting as a way where I can eat whatever I feel like and mostly stay within my weight target range.

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