AirPods Pro 2

2023-11-02 00:00

AirPods Pro is almost certainly the thing I use the most. A lot of the time just for reducing noise etc and to listen to music, podcasts audiobooks etc. From everywhere to walking the dog, to in the office or the gym.

I have two pairs that is in active use. The first generation is usually in my sling or my gym bag as a backup in case I forget my main ones. And the new model is the ones I use most of the time.

The sound quality in the new ones is a bit better, and the new noise cancellation and adaptive stuff feels a lot better. But I’d bet that it is mostly due to being able to be smarter and not that the cancellation hardware being much better.

I like them better than the previous model, and I love the new case. Especially that they have put in holes to attach it to things and that it was USB-C.

For me the nose cancellation and being able to hear better in a bunch of situations plus having a backup makes it worth it for me. But if you have a new ish pair of version 1 it is probably not worth it until their battery capacity degrades unless you also want the adaptive mode.

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