Apple Watch Ultra 2

2023-10-20 00:00

I have a weird Apple Watch history. Skipped the first one, then I got the cheap 1.5 generation one, before getting the Series 3 and using that one until my then 2.5 year old daughter dropped it on the bathroom tiles and smashed the screen, and got the cheapest Series 7 that was in stock last summer.

All except the Series 7 was the larger size.

In general I enjoyed the smaller size, but the battery life wasn’t great.

This time I was having a hard time picking what to get. Eventually I ended up going with the Ultra 2. First and foremost because of battery life, the Action button and the Modular Ultra watch face.

The battery life is great, I have never been close to running out, even on the days when I charge it in the morning and go until the next morning. While the action button is something I’m still working on how to use for something useful. But the Modular Ultra face is great, it has six of the small round complications something that I love to have a lot of functionality available.

It is huge, but it bothers me less than I thought I would. I’d love to have more colorful bands though. I got it with then Indigo Alpine band, I just picked a random Alpine band to be honest. Waiting for an Orange one to ship. Will most likely get an Ocean and Trail too, at least the orange Ocean, and probably trail when they make one with a non boring color.

Very happy with it this far.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes