Pop socket car mounts

2023-09-08 00:00

They have two kinds of car mounts available. Or they also have a bunch of other mounting stuff that could work. But these are the two that seems like the ones specifically made for being used in a car.

One vent mount and one that you can stick to any surface and adjust the angle etc.

I have tried both; the short version is that I ordered the non vent mount and the one I had in my car broke and I bought the vent mounted one because it was available locally.

The vent mount is fine. Better than other vent mounts I’ve used. But still limited by what you can do with that. But the other one is the best car mount I’ve had. It sticks and stays there. Been through multiple seasons of often a lot of condensation on the inside before I start the car, a windshield replacement where I removed it, waited a few hours and re-attached it. It is really good. Plus that it has much more ability to adjust the angle etc than the previous ones I’ve had could. Both of them have the design of you need to use a Popsocket to use them, and just have this U shaped thingy you slide it into. This is so much easier than all of the grabbing and mounting mechanisms I’ve used in the past.

If this ever breaks I’m getting another one.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes