Pop sockets

2023-09-01 00:00

I’ve been using Pop sockets for years upon years.

I think it started with the iPhone 8 Plus, because it was way more slippery than the 6 Plus I replaced. Over the years I’ve used multiple versions of it, not the original that you just glued on, but I started with the ones where you could twist off the pop socket itself only leaving a mount, making them more charging pad compatible. For a while I used the thing you attached on the sides that slide up and down, and these days I mostly use the first version of the MagSafe ones.

I think the MagSafe versions is the perfect version of the product, because of how easy it is to take them on and off depending on if you need it or not.

For those who are not aware. Pop sockets is this plastic and rubber knob you attach on the back of your phone that you can pull out or push in. You pull it out to use it and push it back in when you put your phone it your pocket etc. When pulled out you can use it to mount it to a bunch of pop socket compatible accessories (like their car mount, I’ll get to that in a separate post), to to use it as a kickstand (not a great one though) or to give your phone something to grip on to.

The latter is my primary use for them. It makes it a lot easier to hold a large phone, because you can kind of just let it sit between your fingers and you don’t have to strain your hand by gripping as much. When I use them I barely grip my phone at all, I just let it sit there.

I also fight a lot with mine. I think they even made a fidget toy version of it at some point.

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