Apple Shortcuts: functions?

2023-07-21 00:00

How is it that Shortcuts have gone on for so long without any real way of sharing things between different Shortcuts?

Okay, fine, you can run separate Shortcuts, and that is kind of the same. But not really.

So, if you want to send data into another Shortcut you can either use the input system, something I never get to work like I want to. Or use the clipboard. And if you want it to return data you have to put it back to the clipboard.

At this point I have a stupid amount of shortcuts that aren’t designed to run by themselves, that just support various other shortcuts. And I wish all of them could just be replaced by a function or similar.

Both to clean up my library and have a better way of managing them. But also to avoid the whole putting input data on the pasteboard, then reading it out, parsing it, doing some shit and putting it back on, for so to do the reverse on the other side.

It’s fucking stupid.

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