The case for not using the built in password manager

2023-03-03 07:46

As we all freak out over this and move back to having a proper passcode instead of a numeric one, I’d like to say why I’m using 1Password and not the built in Keychain stuff from Apple.

The Keychain is a really solid if you just look at the encryption and all of that. But there are a few things about it that made me never consider using it.

First of all, sometimes I need to use my password manager from non Apple devices in work related situations.

The main thing thought is that I like having another layer of security between all my passwords, and other information inside my password manager and my operating system.

Here is the main difference: if I cover the selfie camera row on my iPhone and try to open the Apple password manager section in Settings, it tries a few times and then asks me for my passcode. But if I do the same with 1Password they ask for my vault password if FaceID don’t work.

This may seem like a minor difference, but it is actually huge. Someone can steal a regular 4-6 character numeric passcode without much fuss. A bit harder with a alphanumeric one. Especially if we’re talking about the long password I have for my 1Password vault.

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