2023-01-23 12:49

Over the last few weeks I have to a larger extent than before tried to do stuff with Shortcuts. While some of it is amazing, other parts are really weirdly terrible.

  • Why isn’t there any good way of doing a multi-value form in there?
  • Why can’t I just give any block a name without having to add a set variable” block?! Would have made it a lot easier to find things.
  • The mac app is really fucking slow
  • Why isn’t there something like a function?
  • I really wish it had better data structures and blocks to deal with them. Like lists, adding, removing, finding, filtering etc.
  • And the features for changing shortcuts as you go are really terrible. Most of the time when I move things around I usually have to re-assign most of the variables affected.

In the end I ended up just writing a simple app in SwiftUI for the more complex of the things I tried to solve with Shortcuts.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes