2023-01-10 13:05

I used to have my own thing that did something kind of similar, but when I heard about Daytum on Do By Friday I quickly started to move my stuff over to it.

At its core Daytum is just a way to track stuff with timestamps and whole numbers. You can use it to track a lot of different things. As long as it is based on Date/Time and can be represented by a number.

The structure of things is that you have categories, items, entries and attributes.

Categories are like tags and just have a name or title. Items also have a name / title, plus that you can add attributes to either the Item itself or the entries of the Item. Entries are inside an item, at its core it has a timestamp and a amount (integer value) and some categories or attributes if you have them. The default categories are the ones of the parent, but you can change it.

I use it for three different things in my life:

  • To keep track of when I last did something
  • Have a mindful todo list I’d like to do not too infrequently
  • Track metrics of things I’m trying to improve. Like how much I’m walking with Molly, how much I run at the gym, how much I weight lifting I’m doing et the gym and things like that.

It works quite well. The dashboards aren’t the best. But I’m quite happy with it. And the thing of going through the list of items in Daytum is really good for me and my ADHD to remember to do things if I notice I haven’t done it today or in a while.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes