2022-10-16 14:21

I’ve been testing out a new browser for a while now, and I like it a lot.

It’s using the Chrome engine, so that’s not great. Other than that I think it was a lot of interesting ideas.

The UI takes some getting used to, and I also had to configure it to some extent to make it usable for me.

What I like about it is that they have real tab organisation. So instead of having some thin tab line at the top of the window, there is a tab section on the side. Where you can create multiple spaces. And each space have multiple levels of organisation. Plus one level that spans all the spaces. And it is really easy to change between the spaces, move things between them etc.

This solves a bunch of problems for me, that Tab Groups in Safari could have solved, but didn’t really solve. Partly because of how buggy it is and partly because of how it’s implemented.

A problem I’ve had in my browsers for years at this point is that I just open tab after tab after tab after tab when I’m at home or when I’m working. But I don’t care about all the stuff from the other context when I’m either at home or working.

The only solution I had for this problem that actually worked for me was to clean up all the tabs at the start / end of the day.

Not ideal, but it was the best I had. Arc spaces solves this in a great way.

The other thing Arc has that makes all of this much more manageable for me is that I can group tabs into folders. Very useful if you have a lot of tabs open. Like you might have ten tabs open or recipes you want to try soon”, or you might have 5 tabs open for finding a bike for your kid.

It is amazing to be able to just group this stuff together.

Really hope I’ll see an iOS version of it soon.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes