Login interfaces rant

2022-08-26 07:53

I’m really sick of this shit.

For a long time now we have done all kinds of dumb shit to make login interfaces worse. And I have no idea why.

I do see the reason for having multiple steps in more involved registration / on boarding interfaces. Fine. I’ve built too many of them.

But these multi step signin forms got to fuck die. And fast.

Also: stop optimising for new users over old ones trying to sign in.

The good way to do a login form is to show an input for username and a input for password plus a button to log-in. Plus some forgotten password link. And if you use a password manager you typically click first at the extension and then some other button and you’re either sent to a OTP code interface or you’re logged in. If it is a OTP interface good password manager autofill it and you’re good to go.

But the way a lot of interfaces are these days are these ridiculous multi step nightmares.

Not sue where it started, but I think both Google and Amazon got on this anti pattern very early.

This is the kind of interface where you first fill in the username hit submit, then the password, submit, and then if required a OTP code.

It makes the whole thing takes 2-3 as much time and effort. And I see ZERO reason for it.

Rant over.

Fix your fucking login form.

And if you have one of these dumb e-mailing me a login link: fuck you.

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