iPad menus & side panels

2022-02-08 19:21

This have been annoying me for a while now.

Since I got my 13 inch iPad Pro I have noticed a thing that makes the iPad much less useful as a great productive computer than anything running macOS.

I’m just using Drafts as an example here, but it goes for any macass mac app” or standards compliant macOS application.

On Drafts you have four parts of the main interface: the text editor, two panels on the left and one panel on the right. The right panls shows various actions, the left most panel let’s you filter by tag and the other panel on the left shows a list of drafts.

This is mostly the same on iPhone and iPad as well.

How it works on the iPhone makes sense given the constraints of that screen size. Where the panels are only showing as you are using them. This is not a Drafts specific issue by the way. This is how most iOS apps works. But having the same behaviour on the iPad makes zero sense. In this manner it should work like a mac. A panel stays open or closed until you do something about it.

It would make it a million times more efficiant to do certain tasks on the iPad.

Some apps have added their own custom stuff to support this. This must become the standard.

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