Morning routine

2022-01-07 19:53

This is my morning routine most days. I try for it to be my thing at least five days a week, but I usually skip it without hesitation when it isn’t easy to do. Like when I have my daughter, are traveling or someone visiting.

  1. I get up very early
  2. Then I go for a 3–5 KM run with my dog. Currently I’m at 3, but working towards 5.
  3. Followed by a situp & pushup workout routine
  4. Finally I do 10-15 minutes of yoga. The slow kind and not the aerobic like kind.
  5. Then I start the coffee machine
  6. Clean myself up while it brews
  7. Find myself a large cup of coffee, some ice cold fizzy water and a simple breakfast
  8. Take a picture of myself in DayOne
  9. Write in my some lines a day journal
  10. Process my Drafts Inbox
  11. Process my Things Inbox
  12. Look over social feeds and RSS
  13. Then I usually work on personal projects until I have to get ready to leave for work or start working.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes