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08.01.2021 05:37


04.01.2021 20:41

Updated: /about, /now and added a /colophon page.


04.01.2021 20:18

First day back and work, so this kind of feel like the first legit day of 2021.

I lost 17kg last year, and I hope to loose even more this year. I’m very happy about getting back into good habits early in the year. So I re-started my calorie tracking routine today and I went for a run. Not as long as I was when I took a break before christmas, but not that far off.

Domain changes

03.01.2021 12:08

I’ve decided to cut down a little on my domain expenses. All my website have been moved under hjertnes.website.

  • Hjertnes.blog -> blog.hjertnes.website
  • Hjertnes.blog -> wiki.hjertnes.website
  • Hjertnes.social -> gone
  • home.hjertnes.blog -> home.hjertnes.website

And I’ll soon create a hjertnes.website with a index of my websites.

Wiki update

03.01.2021 12:06

Just pushed the first update to my wiki in a while. I now use my custom roam-like clone.


02.01.2021 16:53

New haircut. My growing baldspot finally resulted in me being allowed to cut my own hair again.


01.01.2021 18:15


29.12.2020 17:20


27.12.2020 11:33

If you’re feeling evil: set EDITOR to rm


25.12.2020 19:11