Changes to socials

2022-11-02 20:30

For a long time I’ve had my own Mastodon instance at https://dog.estate, something I’ve considered to shut down a while now, largely because of expensive it is to have it running relative to how many users I have on it. But also because I’d like to be in a place where the Home feed is a cool place to find interesting posts and new follows.

This process have taken me back and forward a few times over the last few months. At first I tired out https://social.lol, but the wibe there wasn’t really for me. Then I was back at my own instance. Trying out a few different alternatives to the current hosting to see if I can do it in a less expensive way. Finally landing on https://tenforward.social which seems to be a really good fit for me.

So on to the changes:

  • I’ll be shutting down https://dog.estate soon
  • I’ll continue to share blog posts to micro.blog, twitter and mastodon
  • But toots” or posts without titles will only be posted to mastodon moving forward.

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