Pour over gear

2022-11-17 06:00

My go to pour over for years upon years, when I don’t use my Mocca Master have been to use a V60. I’ve had multiple models over the years. Currently I have the smallest version in plastic. It’s great, and is still what I go for when I want to make a single smaller mug of coffee.

But earlier this year I finally decided to try out a Chemex, and I got the 3 cup version. I really liked the coffee it makes and it have become the method I use 9/10 times these days. But as I found myself more and more often wanting to make a full 1 litre pot of coffee. Either because I have visitors or if I’m working from home or with my daughter and just want to make coffee once and not every 2-3 hours I finally pulled the plug and bought the 8 Cup version, instead of doing 2-3 rounds of the 3 cup.

It’s great, and the filters in the larger models are also much easier to deal with.

The way I usually brew these days is the following:

  • V60: for when I brew a single smaller mug
  • Small Chemex if I’m just going to fill my travel mug
  • Large Chemex if I’m filling my large coffee pot

I usually use the 8 cup as if it was a 6 cup model, but I bought it because I’d like to have the option of using it to brew like 3x what the small one can handle if needed.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes