Tom Bihn BrainBag as a travel bag

2022-09-05 17:09

I had to jump on a plane to go to Oslo a while back for dumb and boring reasons.

This bag is the best carry on bag situation I have ever had going on a train. I’m going to get to why. But first a little on how I do it when I on a very rare situation take a plane:

  • I order tickets very early so I can get fully flexible tickets in boarding group a more or less the same price as the cheap tickets
  • I only take carry on luggage
  • Anything not permitted in carry on I just purchase when I get there
  • And I limit their stuff I bring to what I actually absolutely need

So. When I go anywhere I always want two bags. One messenger bag with my iPad, some notebooks, headphones and some shit I bring when walking around. And the large bag containing my laptop, clothes and stuff like that.

What I love about this Tom Bihn BrainBag is that of the two large pockets, the back one where I also keep my laptop can fit my entire Tom Bihn Makers bag with all the things I usually have in it without any issue. So for this entire trip it have worked as my go out bag and as a packing cube.

I packed clothes for staying two nights. And no jacket since it’s warm and dry here. But it would not have been a issue to extend it to fit clothes for a week plus maybe some gym gear if needed. More if I unpacked the walk around bag or carried outside of the backpack.

This will without a doubt be my go to backing things for shorter trips in the future.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes