One year with the iPad Pro

2022-09-03 17:26

I’ve had the iPad Pro for about a year at this point. A little bit longer. I didn’t get all of the accessories at the same time, but more or less the same time. So close enough.

I like the iPad a lot, and the hardware is awesome. But the thing that limits how useful it is at the moment is software.

Sometimes because it is because it just can’t do some of the things that is so easy on the Mac, other times it is because the iOS apps are so unfit for power users it’s ridiculous; like for example OmniFocus.

The Magic Keyboard case is amazing, it brings the iPad Pro from a neat tool to a real almost laptop replacement.

The pencil on the other hand is awesome but it is not necessary, but I do love it. It is more like a fancy fountain pen. A $2 gel pen does the same job as a $200 fountain pen, but the latter is a hell of a lot more fun to write with.

At this point I just wish Apple would get its fucking act together and let the iPad shine.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes