All the bags and backpacks

2022-08-06 18:50

Since I’ve been buying some bags and stuff I decided to just outline all of it in recent years. This probably goes back to 2016.

Old bags

These are the bags I no longer use, for various reasons. Or I don’t have a regular use for them is probably more correct.

Tom Bihn Pilot

This was my first Tom Bihn bag. And I really loved it. The organizational system in it made it possible for me to bring a lot of stuff in it compared to the size of the bag. And it worked really well for me.

But after a couple of years I kind of out grew it.

Fjellreven Foldstack No. 2

This bag was a huge mistake. I just bought it as a cheaper option to getting a Tom Bihn bag. I really hated it. The organization didn’t really work for me, and even though it was twice as big as the Pilot I never felt like I could fit much more in it.

Tom Bihn Synik 22

This bag was what I got when I realized that the Fjellreven thingy would never work for me.

It is really great, and the only reason I replaced it was because I went from a 13 to 16 inch laptop at work and then it became too big to work with that. The organizational system in it worked really well for me.

The main reason I didn’t replace it with a bigger version of it was because when I bike to work I kind of need more stuff than it could accommodate.

But I really a lot of things about this bag, especially that it opens all the way.

Work bag: BrainBag

This is my current work bag. It is huge. I can fit more or less anything I could imagine wanting to drag back and forth to the office in it.

What I typically bring is my laptop, a few notebooks, some pens, one or two iPads, headphones, microphone, lunch, a set of rain clothes, and a bag of cables.

Plus I always have a bunch of re-usable shopping bags in if for if I shop on my way home.

The way I use it is that I have a cache for the laptop plus a Freudian Slip in the back pocket. There I put the notebooks, iPads, laptop, pens etc. And the larger loose items go in the larger pocket.

And the shopping bags usually go in one of the two front pockets. My travel mug usually go in the other.

A feature I really like about it is that it has straps so I can make it as think as possible.

But I miss the opens all the way feature of the Synik. To explain how insane this bag is, the question is never can I fit everything I desire” but it is more like am I willing to carry all of this weight”.

Small man purse: Fjellreven Foldstack No. 2

This bag is what I usually bring when I’m out with my daughter. It is great for having keys, phone, power bank, some diapers and a few other smaller items.

Kind of what I go for when I need a little bit more than my pockets can fit, but not like an entire bag.

Larger man purse: Tom Bihn Makers

This is my bag for when I want a small bag. Like if I’m going to a coffee shop or meeting someone in the city and want to bring some stuff. But not want to have a huge backpack with me.

I usually have a few notebooks, some pens, my iPad, Kindle and headphones in it.

Haven’t had it for a very long time yet, but I really like it this far. I also have Freudian slip in it. Which I love because if I need to bring all of the stuff that’s usually in it with me to work I just put it in my brain bag.

Travel / Grocery store bag

Kari Tara 50L duffel bag.

I got this bag when I started to walk and bike to do most of my shopping. I use it all the time when I buy a lot of stuff on foot or when I bike to the city to do some shopping.

I also use it when I travel places. What I like about it is that it has one big room and a few smaller ones that’s great for putting my iPad etc.

For shopping, it is great because anything larger wouldn’t be practical without a car.

Hiking bag

This is a Camelback Octane 18. It is a 18 liter bag, with a water system built into it. This is my go to bag for longer hikes. I usually have rain clothes and some energy bars in it. Plus extra sweater if it’s cold.

I like this bag a lot. It is light, have a lot of smaller pockets for smaller items like energy bars, keys etc. But most of the bag is a big room where I can fit clothes.

Gym bag

My gym bag is a small running bag I got from a former employer. I think it is a no-brand thingy. It is a little bit too small, but it works fine for carrying my gym shoes, a towel, a water bottle, plus some other items when I got to the gym.

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