AirPods Pro: first impressions

2022-02-21 15:43

Long story short. About a year and a half ago my O.G AirPods started to fall apart. And I decided to give Plantronics a shot since a large part of what I use them for are running.

It didn’t really work out that great for me. The user experience isn’t even close to AirPods and after a year they started to fall apart. And about a week ago they actually fell apart. So I decided to get new AirPods. I went with the Pro’s.

Here are the good parts:

  • I love how you just pack them up, open the case next to your iPhone and click connect
  • I also love that I can charge them on the same magsafe thingy I use to charge my iPhone
  • The sound is good for being pods

The bad parts:

  • The battery life seems worse than my O.G’s
  • It seems less intuitive to place this generation back in the correct hole in the charging case
  • I always hate the process of figuring out the correct rubber tips to use

This far I think they are a good for going to the gym or walking outside. But I never use them for music at home. They’re too small and bluetooth for that.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes