CMS changes

2021-12-07 18:27

I’ve recently done some minor changes to my custom CMS gradually over the last six months or so.

It started out as a .NET / C# backend and frontend backend by a PostgreSQL database + plus a Svelte admin panel.

Then I migrated it over to Sanity.io, and got rid of the admin panel. It was still markdown. But last weekend I migrated everything over to Sanity’s structured content system, and replaced the .NET frontend with a SvelteKit frontned.

I still have the .NET backend doing some tasks, like having a easy to use RESTful interface to Sanity mainly used by my drafts workflows. Plus handling the automatic link posting.

The SvelteKit setup for my blog is interesting though. I have implemented my site as if it was a modern JavaScript web app using JavaScript, TypeScript etc. But none of the JavaScript are actually sent to the user.

A very interesting way to give the developer the convenience of doing things as a Web App with JavaScript while not putting all the burden JavaScript rendering on the users machine.

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