X-Pro 2

2021-11-04 16:42

My X-Pro 2 is broken after 4.5 years of faithful service. And my first thought was to replace it with either a X100 or another X-Pro. But I decided to take a proper look on all the Fujifilm cameras just to make sure. And turns out: there are three options that fit my requirements: view finder, water sealed and made by Fujifilm.

  • X-T4
  • X-Pro3
  • X100v

But the X-T is out the window since it is mostly the same as the X-Pro except that I prefer the X-Pro. Not sure what to get though. The best option in general is to get the X-Pro but the smaller size of the X100v would be very practical when I’m with my daughter. And the 22mm lens it has plus the tele conversion kit would cover like 95% of what I use over a year.

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