2021-11-16 19:35

I’ve had a non-Sodastream carbonated drink machine for years. I got it for Christmas and I’ve been mostly happy with it. The only big issue, except for it in general being a little bit worse than a real Sodastream in a lot of ways, was that it have slowly become more and more difficult to get replacement water bottles for it.

Water bottles for machines like this expire, because they get harder and more brittle with time and can explode. Plus that they usually fall apart after a year anyways.

So the bottle I had with my machine was due for a replace and I started to look for a place to buy them. And it became clear to me fairly quickly that it made zero sense to continue with my perfectly functioning dingus.

I have checked and the bottles are not exchangeable.

Based on that the Sodastream bottles last longer, are available anywhere, are machine washable and are cheaper. I would have saved back what I paid for it in ~3 years.

But this machine is more or less the same as the one I had. It is the cheapest model. Nothing electrical or fancy. But it is smaller, so it fits properly where I want it on my counter. And it is also easier to use.

I was kind of annoyed when I ordered. But after getting it I’m very happy with the change.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes