Hjertnes' blog



  • MacBook “Escape” with 512 GB SSD and 16GB memory
  • MacBook Pro 16" with 512 GB SSD and 32GB memory (work laptop)
  • 27" 4K Monitor
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard 2
  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, blue; with a orange Apple leather case, a bright yellow popsocket and a screen cover.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 with the Sportloop
  • Headphones: ATH-m50x + a BTR3 DAC
  • PLANTRONICS Backbeat Fit 3200
  • Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
  • Withings Smart Scale

I have two sets of the keyboard, mouse and trackpad; one at home and one at the office.


  • Analog: Nikon FM, with 50mm f1.2 series e lens.

  • Fuji X-Pro 2

  • 8mm f2.8

  • 23mm f2

  • 35mm f2

  • 50mm f2

I shoot with 16GB cards, I shamelessly shoot burst mode and fill most of the cards before I import them. I shoot RAW+JPEG, but almost never do anything with the raws. I just put them on my archive disk and delete the older ones as I need more space.



  • Goland: the IDE I use for Golang development.
  • Webstorm: the IDE I use for JavaScript development.
  • Rider: the IDE I use for C# development
  • Petrify: an app that makes it easy to share screenshots of code that looks great really easy.
  • DevUtils: An app with a bunch of utilties that are really useful as a web developer.
  • Patterns: this is where I write everything Regular Expressions. It makes it a fast and interactive process.
  • SQLPro: my current go to SQL app. It supports a bunch of engines. Most important for me is Postgres and MSSQL.
  • GitKraken: the only Git app that I think is worth it. It makes merging a lot easier than with anything else I’ve used before. That alone makes it worth it.
  • CleanShot X: an app that makes screenshots on macOS a little bit better.
  • Dash: an app for development documentation



  • .NET
  • C#
  • React

Spare time

  • Golang
  • Svelte
  • Postgres


This is not everything, but a snapshot of the most important stuff

Work stuff:

  • Zoom
  • Outlook
  • Slack


  • Chromium: I use this if I need to test Chrome or have to do something that require less anti-tracking than my main browser is configured for.
  • Firefox Developer Edition: my main browser.


  • Happy Scale: a great weight tracking app for iPhone. It imports the lowest weight of a day, and it has a bunch of great features that makes it easy to see how you are doing. Even when weight are going up and down.
  • Foodnoms: a great calorie tracking app


  • Music.app
  • Audible
  • Overcast
  • Netflix
  • Reeder
  • Instapaper
  • Plex

Social and communications:

  • Signal: currently trying this out
  • Keybase: still chat with some people here, some of it have been moved over to Signal so this might end soon.
  • Pinafore: the only good mastodon app out there
  • Micro.blog
  • Mail.app: works fine for how I deal with e-mail
  • Messages: probably my main chat app


  • Emacs: most of my writing is done here. Some code too. But most of that is done in a an IDE.
  • DayOne: my journal. I move all the Daily Notes from my roam into here once a month. And I write about larger stuff.
  • Tot: I love this app. It is great for text that I need easy access to.
  • Drafts: I dump text into here and then I process it a few times a month
  • Editorial: if I need to edit my roam on my iPhone I use editorial.

Blogs and wiki:

  • Roam: is my personal wiki; my public one is generated from it
  • Used to use O.G Roam, then org-roam and now I use my own thing https://github.com/hjertnes/roam.


  • Bartender: keeps my menu bar less insane
  • iStat Menu: shows key OS info in my menu bar.


  • Better Touch Tool: I have this setup to handle a bunch of keyboard / trackpad gestures to manage windows. Like moving them to a half / quarter of the screen, moving it to a different monitor or left/right space
  • Keyboard Maestro: I don’t use it a lot yet, currently I have a macro that quits all apps. Will do more with it though
  • Alfred: My computer is useless without it. Started using it around when the Mac App store launched. Use it about 20 times a day on this Mac. Probalby a lot more at the work Mac.
  • Default Folder X: a great app that makes it easier to work faster with the select file dialog on macOS
  • Lingon X: the app I use to manage scheduled tasks on macOS after they stopped supporting cron and I gave up making it work
  • Bunch: an app that I use to quickly launch a bunch of apps at once. I have one for apps I usually always want to have open and one for work stuff.
  • Hazel: I use it to move and rename files

Backup & Sync:

  • Arq: my cloud backup soloution
  • Dropbox: it is a turd, but it works
  • Carbon Copy Cloner: I use this to clone drives


  • iTerm 2
  • zsh


  • OmniFocus: task manager
  • Photos.app: where I keep all my photos.
  • Soulver: text editor meets spreadsheet
  • Paprika: where I keep all recipes
  • Duolingo: I try to do 3-4 French lessons all weekdays
  • Streaks: when I try to get into a habit I usually use streaks
  • 1Password
  • 1Blocker: I use it to block ads and trackers in Safari on iOS
  • Clean My Mac: great utility for cleaning out junk on macOS
  • ForkLift: a two pane file manager that I use all the time
  • DasiyDisk: great for getting an overview of disk usage
  • SetApp