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Published: 0001-01-01 00:00:00


  • MacBook "Escape" with 512 GB SSD and 16GB memory
  • MacBook Pro 16" with 512 GB SSD and 32GB memory (work laptop)
  • 27" 4K Monitor
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard 2
  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, blue; with a clear Apple Case
  • Headphones: ATH-m50x + a BTR3 DAC
  • PLANTRONICS Backbeat Fit 3200
  • Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
  • Withings Smart Scale
  • I have two sets of the keyboard, mouse and trackpad; one at home and one at the office.


  • Analog: Nikon FM, with 50mm f1.2 series e lens.
  • Fuji X-Pro 2
  • 8mm f2.8
  • 23mm f2
  • 35mm f2
  • 50mm f2
  • I shoot with 16GB cards, I shamelessly shoot burst mode and fill most of the cards before I import them. I shoot RAW+JPEG, but almost never do anything with the raws. I just put them on my archive disk and delete the older ones as I need more space.



  • Dash: a great app for showing developer documentation in a dedicated app
  • DevUtils: a collection of simple utilities most web devs use all the time
  • Docker: I don’t really use Docker a lot locally. But I use it when I have to test building images
  • GitKraken: This have been my go to git client for years. Mostly because the merge conflict UI is awesome
  • iTerm: my go to terminal apps since before there was iTerm 2.
  • Nova: my go to text editor when I don’t need a IDE
  • Patterns: this is like an repl for writing regular expressions
  • Paw: Like Postman just more Mac like.
  • Petrify: I use this to make screenshots of code
  • Proxyman: I use this when I need to debug / mess with API requests to test things
  • QuickLens: great for inspecting UI
  • Rider: where I write all backend code
  • SQLPro Studio: my go to sql app
  • Tower: I’ve been experimenting with Tower as a git client lately.
  • Visual Studio Code: I don’t use it a lot, but I love their search and replace UI
  • WebStorm: where I write all front end code
  • VMware Fusion: for when I need windows or another OS.


  • Day One: Journal
  • Drafts: Where most of my writing starts
  • MindNode: I have been experimenting with mind maps lately
  • Obsidian: My current personal wiki software
  • Tot: I use this as a place for text notes I open a lot
  • nvUltra Beta: not really using it a lot yet. But it is interesting.


  • Firefox Developer Edition: I use this for development
  • Safari: my main browser


  • Bunch: I use this to automate starting apps
  • Hazel: I use this to move files around automatically.
  • Keyboard Maestro: I don’t use it enough, yet.
  • Lingon X: when I need cron like stuff on macOS I use this to edit the XML format.
  • TextBuddy: this app is awesome for doing all kinds of weird text transformations
  • TextExpander: expands snippets

Social / Chat

  • Discord: I’m in a few Discords. I’ve grown to like it
  • Gluon: My current Micro.blog client
  • Keybase: I don’t use it a lot these days
  • Mail: My mail app
  • Mast: Mastodon client
  • Messages: Most of my chats are here
  • Signal: Some of my chats are here
  • Slack: Mostly work, also some other low volume teams
  • Textual: IRC client
  • Tweetbot: my twitter app of choice.


  • Alfred 4: my macOS launcher app
  • Amphetamine: I use this for keeping my computer from sleeping when I need that
  • Bartender: lets me manage my menubar
  • BetterTouchTool: I have configured BTT to have a bunch of shortcuts for managing windows.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner: the app I use to clone drives
  • CleanShot X: I have replaced the built in screenshot stuff with this
  • Default Folder X: adds a frame around Open modals on macOS that enables easy access to a lot of stuff
  • ExpressVPN: my VPN service
  • Front and Center: it let lets me change window behaviour on macOS to move all windows on a app to forward when I click the on one of them.
  • Gemini: lets me discover duplicate files
  • Paletro: command palette for al apps
  • Scan Thing: app for scanning more or less anything
  • Session: my pomodoro app
  • SideNotes: an app that let me keep sticky like notes on the side
  • Sip: color picker
  • SwitchGlass: an app that I have on the righ side of my screen that autohide. It show the apps on the current screen
  • TextSniper: can extract text from stuff
  • Widgetsmith: I use various widgets from this app on my iPhone
  • Yoink: a place I can dump stuff I drag to make it easier to drag things from one place to another. Like for example from one app to another app on another space.
  • iStat Menus: shows system stats in my menu bar.


  • Audible: where I get most of my audiobooks
  • Duolingo: I have been learning french on Duolingo on and off over the years
  • GoodLinks: A native app that have similar functionality to Instapaper or Pocket. I like it a lot
  • Music: My music service of choice
  • NetNewsWire: my macOS RSS reader
  • Netflix: most of the shows / movies I watch is on Netflix
  • Overcast: my go to podcast apps since the day it was released
  • Plex: how I “stream” media I own
  • Unread: my iOS rss reader


  • 1Password 7: my go to password manager since 2011
  • Carrot Weather: the best weather app on iOS
  • CleanMyMac X: I use this for various macOS maintenance tasks
  • Dropbox: most of my file syncing stuff is in dropbox. The app is junk.
  • Due: I use Due for reminders
  • ForkLift: my goto macOS file manager
  • Paprika Recipe Manager 3: like the name says
  • Photos: where all my photos are
  • Reminders: I use this for shared lists with my better half
  • Soulver 3: when I need to do math I aways reach for Soulver
  • SetApp: A lot of the apps in here are from SetApp.


  • Happy Scale: The app I use to scale my weight. It give me exactly what I want from it
  • Health Mate: I hate this app, but I need it to sync with my smart scale.