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Wiki update

Published: 2021-05-17 03:29:38, Updated: 2021-05-17 03:29:38

Haven’t updated the wiki in a while

  • Done a full review of all my notes since the last time, so there are a bunch of tiny updates all over
  • Re-organised “Development”
  • Added some notes on Csharp, Swift and Xcode
  • Added a bunch of new books, movies.
  • Started a new section with music I like
  • Added more podcasts
  • Wrote about all the Pokemon games i have played
  • Added a bunch of shows
  • Added a few new Switch games
  • Wrote about the similarities between CGP Grey and Dan Carlin
  • And my jokey Voyager watching guide
  • Added some lists
  • Wrote about:
    • using OmniFocus again
    • 13 vs 16 inch laptops
    • Book series
    • Getting an iPad
    • Lock screen wallpapers
    • My morning routine
    • New CMS
    • The problem with Micropub
    • Why I stopped using Emacs
    • Defer dates
    • Obisidian
    • Magsafe charging
    • UX