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A look back at 2020

Published: 2021-01-14 09:00:00, Updated: 2021-04-09 03:29:15

This is a short summary of what went down in 2020

  • We had a daughter in February
  • Started to hang out at Mastodon and enjoys it a lot
  • COVID hit
  • Spend a lot of time getting better at Golang
  • Got really mad at my old jobs CEO
  • Found a new job really fast
  • Had to say goodbye to my dog and best friend Luna
  • Offically cut contact with my father.
  • Lost 17KG, plan to loose at least another 30KG this year
  • Started to learn how to cook
  • Completed a couch to 5k programme
  • Built a great personal wiki into something even cooler
  • Started the process of being honest with myself about my life and how I feel about it
  • Made a lot of progress on having a better relatioship to food
  • Got into Star Trek; it's way better than Star War.